history now


History now is the story of a group of friends that have gone through everything together, from deaths to new beginnings, from one part of the country to another, from old and new friends.
After recording their self titled debut EP at Ball State College in Indiana, the singer Kyle Jaromin, bassist Eric Taylor, guitarist Boaz Walker, and drummer Joseph Stanley set off on a whirlwind of shows and festivals, slowly building a loyal local fanbase. By the spring of 2009, though, things began to shift as Stanley decided to leave the band. All three remaining members moved to Chicago, one by one, and after some time off, eventually crossed paths with local drummer Ryan Quilty. Things immediately took off, and within just a few practices, a good portion of their debut LP had been fleshed out.

A rehearsal space was procured at Treehouse Records, tones were found, and hopes were high. Locking themselves inside for a few bleak Chicago winters, History Now took the next two years to write and solidify their first full-length record. Marrying elements of delicate space and driving grittiness, History Now has managed to strike a balance between the worlds of post-rock aggressiveness and melodic indie pop ambience. Members currently reside in Chicago, IL.